Corporate tourist developments are continuing at the expense of indigenous people and natural resources. A new tourist highway through the Agua Azul Waterfall area is opposed by Zapatista communities and Other Campaign adherents. They operated a local spa. In April 1 Zapatista supporter and 7 Other Campaign supporters were arrested in San Sebastian Bachajon in the Chilon municipality. They were detained without charge and falsely accused of highway robbery, because of their opposition to the road. They were tortured and forced to sign confessions not in their own language, Tzeltal. In the first few days local residents built roadblocks to demand their freedom, but it was broken up by police. As a result, OPDDIC, who are a fake indigenous group and state sponsored paramilitaries now take the money from the entry booth to the waterfalls. They are also the real perpetrators of the robberies. The Zapatista supporter was released after a few weeks. 5 others were released in July thanks to national and international solidarity. The campaign for the release of the 2 remaining prisoners continues.   More information from


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