Interview with Maria Trinidad Ramirez, partner of Atenco political prisoner Ignacio del Valle

Link to video of the interview:
Maria Trinidad Ramirez Interview
Popular Front for Land Defence
San Salvador Atenco, Mexico

I want to tell you that we have 12 partners prisoners
sentenced from 32 years to 112 years of prison

I am wife of Ignacio del Valle prisoner of a maximum security prison
of El Altiplano and sentenced to 112 years of prison.

I am also mother of America del Valle Ramirez, currently prosecuted
by the mexican state

And what is your husband current legal situation?

The legal situation is the sentence he faces of 112 years for the facts/events
of February, April and 3th and 4th of May, 2006

Nowadays, there are still pending four arrest orders, 

but still He can seek for protection for the two sentences he has received,

and to apply this protection against the arrest orders. 

Thus, nowadays what we are demanding the transfer from the maximum security prison
to a medium security prison

Are there other persons that have already been released, aren't there?

Yes, yes

For the same charges, now prisoners are Ignacio, Felipe and Hector Galindo
in the maximum security prison
but for the same charges was released our comrade Bernardino Cruz Cardona
who was in the same conditions for almost 3 years
was prosecuted
and there is another comrade who is Adan Espinoza Rojas
who similarly should have been released but He was arrested for another charge
a minor charge, considerable minor than kidnapping
Then, today we say that if Bernardino and Adan were accused of the same charges
The same charges that Ignacio, Felipe and Hector have,
the same and also the same days, 8th February, 6th April and 3th and 4th May
for them, the same decision applied to Bernardino and later to Adan cases should have
been applied for the others
but instead of saying they will also be released
today they say, it is ready the order to execute the arrest orders for other
4 charges for Ignacio and 3 other charges for Felipe and Hector

And, the your house situation that was going to be seized ? what is the current status?

Currently, 24th June, the order will arrive, I did not believe that was true,
I even smiled, how do they require him, if Ignacio is in El Altiplano
and I did not pay much attention. However, when the lawyer knew, immediately,
He attended this issue, and on 25th June we were in court,
where Ignacio was required
and what the woman, the chair of public finances said that She was surprised
by this, it was the first time during the time She has been working, she has never
received a similar case
To pay 150,000 mexican pesos for damages on 3rd and 4th May
for the sentence of 45 years more in prison
However, the lawyer appealed saying it is illegal
This was an order released by a First Instance District Judge of the Mexican State
But there is not a document that states the senteced has been executed
that was the appeal of the lawyer
However, if Ignacio is required, why they do not send the order to El Altiplano,
they know where He is
He is not in his house, if Ignacio needs to respond to that order,
then He can be notified there in the prison

Then, it was agreed that during this process, the woman, Monica is her name,
or Veronica, she was going to keep the document and we were going to have
more time
However, as always We do not belive in the authorities,
because if this was something in our favor, for example to solve the protection
requests for the comrades prisoners at El Molino de Flores
why that takes so long ? 3 or 4 months they have been saying
but because this is against us
this can be done in 1 week in 2 weeks perhaps yes in one month
but it is true that if the payment is not done, more than 150,000 mexican pesos
they will seize the house
then, what we can do is to confront this with the legal resources
that the lawyer has to demonstrate that this is illegal

I would like to add something
and precisely the current situation of the prisoners
is that we have 3 prisoners in El Altiplano
but we have 9 in the prison Molino de Flores
with sentences of almost 32 years
and for them the seek of protection against the sentences has been submitted
and now we only have to wait 3 or 4 months
or as long as the authorities want

However, I also want to say, that the conflict began
on the 22nd October, 2001
we then had the facts of the 3rd and 4th of May, 2006
and now with our comrades imprisoned, the prosecution of our comrades and our sons and daughters
now the National Water Comission (CONAGUA in spanish) is now buying land in Atenco
to develop anothe project, they have another project

another project, that they say will benefit the hidrology of the place
of the area
and now, from 2001, they arrived saying to pay $7.20 (�0.32) per land metre
now, they are paying $157 (�7.8) per land metre of terrain
and at this amount, people is taking the option of selling
because they have been told
that their land cannot be planted, that there is much salt
that will not be useful
that is better if they sell and become associate of this project
However, this is not true, it is only a trick
because in Santa Isabel Ixtapa part of the Atenco Municipality
they arrived saying to sell the land,
the people is convinced, only some of them received the payment
and then they take $200,000 as payment for legal documentation
$200,000 for these documents
and then to rest of the people they only pay part of the amount
and the people is subscribed in a trust fund to be paid in 20 years
so they will be paid in 20 years
then, once again the trick, the trick, and it is not possible that
our comrades, that our people do not realize how the government
is always lying
It is not possible that we have had in 2001
that we defended our land with our life
and now, easily, people accept the money, without caring
about the prisoners who are in jail because they were loyal
to the cause, standing with dignity, defending their land,
that is unbelievable, however is happening,

and now we say to CONAGUA, once again, because they are saying
the water wells need maintainance, we say that if they are going
to do this, is their obligation, but we will not allow they
take not one metre of our Atenco,
We will not allow this
if they way We have people imprisoned
Yes, We have, and We are not negotiating their freedom
in exchange of our land
Because our partners, Ignacio, Felipe and Hector
have said, We will stay in jail
but the land, the land should be kept for our children
We are already in prison
but the Atenco people do not have any guarantee that
when they sell our land we will be released

Thus, we do not want to give up our land
Our land is our mother
and a mother cannot be sold
we love and defend our mother
then, sell those without mother

Thanks to all brothers and sisters!
Zapata is Alive! The Struggle continues!

Zapata is Alive! is Alive!

When people stands for bread, freedom and land
the powerful will tremble, from the coast to the mountains

When people stands for bread, freedom and land
the powerful will tremble, from the coast to the mountains

Atenco is Alive! The struggle continues!

Atenco is Alive! The struggle continues!

Alexis is Alive! The struggle continues!

People is Alive!

Political prisoners! Freedom!

Political prisoners! Freedom!

Freedom! Freedom! For the prisoners who struggled!

Freedom! Freedom! For the prisoners who struggled!

Thanks brothers and sisters!

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