Zapatista D.I.Y. Film Screening

Zapatista D.I.Y. Economy and Political Structure.

Talk with showing of the ‘Planting A Seed – Autonomous Health in Chiapas’ film.

Saturday 26th September.


The Thinkspace.

Glasgow Sculpture Studio.

145 Kelvinhaugh Street.

The Zapatista autonomous communities have successfully formed their own health care system independent of the official system of the Mexican Government. In ‘Planting A Seed’, health promoters and other community members describe how they run their own clinics, hold health workshops, and continue to use and preserve their traditional natural medicine while also incorporating Western medicine. What emerges is a new way of thinking about health care as a democratically built community effort for the benefit of all the people – not just the few that can afford to pay for it.

Hosted by Glasgow and Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Groups with solidarity merchandise stall.

Followed by talks on D.I.Y. and Activist Theory and New Communication Technology in Activism. This event is part of the Glasgow Festival of D.I.Y. Culture.


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