What you can do about one of the intellectual authors of the Acteal Massacre

Éste es / This is the guy This is the guy

The Supreme Court of Mexico’s decision of releasing 20 of those accused of perpetrating the Acteal massacre has provoked an uproar that now has an international scope. Perhaps the magistrates and the revisionists of history were betting on our forgetfulness, but they’ve just found out our memory is not so faulty. Perhaps this is the moment for finally achieving justice up to the higher levels, including of course ex President of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo. If you want to protest for Zedillo’s post as Director of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization, explaining that it’s all a lamentable typo and this man with blood on his hands should not be in Yale, but in jail, write to them.

Write to Yale University to demand that Zedillo resigns from his position for his role in the Acteal Massacre.

The Yale Centre for the Study of Globalization,

Betts House,

393 Prospect Street,

P.O. Box 208360,

New Haven,



Email: email_globalization@yale.edu


Write to the President of Yale University President’s Office,

Richard Levin,

Yale University,

PO BOX 208229,

New Haven,

CT 06520-8229

Email: presidents.office@yale.edu


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