Expectation for today’s decision over 31 arrested accused for Acteal massacre

Estimates indicate that 10 will be released and the rest will receive

Jesus Aranda

La Jornada
Wednesday, 28 October 2009, p. 14

The first room of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) resolves this
Wednesday 31 "immunity requests" filed by Indians accused for Acteal
massacre. It has transcended that at least 10 will be free and others will
receive protection, enabling them to obtain their freedom at an early date,
except those who confessed their involvement in the murder of 45 Tzotzil in
Acteal, Chiapas, in 1997.

The ministers will discuss the report prepared by Jose Ramon Cossio Diaz,
who designed an entire legal "engineering" to clarify what the situation
will be for each of the complainants who filed for direct protection against
the convictions that had already received in the first instance.

According to court officials consulted in each case, Cossio reviewed the
crimes they were charged for and, after analysing procedural violations
committed by the Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the errors committed by
the trial judge, He settled the legal status of each case.

The crimes for which 31 were charged were injuries, homicide, carrying a
weapon without a license and carrying a weapon used only by the Army.

It is expected that ministers Juan N. Silva Meza, Olga Sánchez Cordero and
Jose de Jesus Gudiño Pelayo join the project of Cossio, who considers that
the procedural violations are so serious that would be enough to release at
least 10 accused.

It has been said that among them, there are at least two confessed
murderers, who, despite receiving protection "for effects", will remain in

It is expected that, like last August, when the Supreme Court reviewed 31
amparos (presented by other indigenous accused of involvement in the
massacre of Acteal) and freed 20 complainants, the minister Sergio Valls
will vote against their peers and therefore the court will decide in favour
of accused.


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