Mexican Supreme Court of Justice orders release other 9 prisoners Acteal massacre

Evidence and witnesses “fabricated” by the PGR were used, SC stated.  16 other prisoners will continue legal process accused only by homicide and injuries, eliminating two concerning use of firearms

Jesus Aranda and La Jornada online
Posted: 04/11/2009 13:44

Mexico City. The first room of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) determined the absolute and immediate freedom of nine defendants for the killing of Acteal occurred on 22 December 1997, gave 16 “protections for effects” for a court unit to determine their legal status based on evidence only lawful and dismissed six more protections requests.

With four votes to one, the ministers confirmed their view on the fact that in relating trials protections were granted due process violations. The PGR fabricated evidence and witnesses, there were non-existent crimes and the relevant file had no specific signs to establish the guilt of those who had been sentenced to an average of 25 years in prison.

Cossio said the court instructed the release of these people because there is no material to prove their guilt, and recalled that the sentence, “which concludes the review of all the protections that attracted this court -does not establish guilt or innocence of the plaintiffs .

On behalf of the ministers of the majority, Jose Ramon Cossio denied that with this decision the Court generates impunity, on the contrary through this decision “we all win”.

As for the 16 protections granted, it was instructed to reopen their legal processes and start trials again, but now only for crimes of homicide and injury, because charges for carrying a weapon and possession of unlicensed firearm exclusive use of the Army were eliminated.


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