CGT celebrates 26 years of struggle of the EZLN

To our brothers and sisters of the EZLN 

Today we celebrate the fact that it is now 26 years since the EZLN began its
dignified struggle toward autonomy. 

We are proud to see how, over the years, the Zapatista communities of Chiapas, along
with the EZLN, have been developing, in their own way, resistance to the contempt
and death which for over 500 years the powerful have tried to bring to the
indigenous peoples. 

The harsh conditions in which the Zapatista movement is defending its autonomy
inspire us greatly and gives us energy in our daily struggles : the spiral of
violence they face, the fact that they have to deal, not only with the three levels
of bad government, army and police, but also with paramilitary organizations who
have special protection. These paramilitary groups are, in many cases, those
responsible for "clearing the ground" for multinational companies in any industry
trying to plunder the land for personal gain. 

Even under these conditions, the compas have made great achievemnets; without doubt,
self-government is one of the most important, speaking through the Good Government
Juntas (JBG). With this basis, the processes that are generated every day articulate
and give shape and substance to their own social gains, such as the Revolutionary
Law of Women, Health Education and the Zapatista autonomous judicial system. Not
only these achievements are important, the forms and principles, such as governing
by obeying, also deserve special mention. 

So, congratulations on your 26th birthday girls and boys, women and men, elders of
the EZLN. We encourage you to continue fighting for autonomy in your territories.
Your struggle and how to carry it out are a great example for all.  We celebrate the
moral authority and the work constantlybeing done by the EZLN and their support

Viva el EZLN! 

Viva La Otra Campaña! 

Viva the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle! 

Freedom to political prisoners! 


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