Acteal Christmas Card – English version

  1. We support the members of the Las Abejas community, the survivors of the massacre and the victims’ relatives in their demands of justice and are in solidarity with their pain and indignation, on confirming that not only justice is still being denied to them, but that the Mexican authorities mock their suffering with this new sign of impunity.
  2. We call the Mexican society and the international community to keep alert and vigilant in view of this intensification of the threats of violence and harassing against Las Abejas, as well as against the zapatista support communities in the region, since the release of these persons, who have been repeatedly identified as perpetrators of the crime, is a grave threat for the inhabitants of that area of Mexico, considering that the paramilitary groups are still active and armed.
  3. We consider that the SCJN’s actions fit into the strategy of militarization and displacement of indigenous communities in the area that are required for implementing what is called the Mérida Initiative.
  4. We reiterate that, as it has been amply documented, the Acteal massacre was a State crime that remains unpunished. In this respect, we find it offensive that ex President Ernesto Zedillo is now Director of Yale University’s Centre for the Study of Globalisation, while he should be prosecuted for his complicity in this crime, inscribed in the logics of his extensive counter-insurgency strategy.
  5. We demand legal punishment for all the masterminds of the massacre and their accomplices, who are still at large.
  6. We support Amnesty International’s demands in the sense that the massacre’s investigation case should be reopened.
  7. We state that the communities affected by constant harassment and by the recent events, in particular Las Abejas, are not alone. The eyes of Mexico and the world are watching and on the alert, in spite of the smokescreen that some media and intellectuals at the service of power in Mexico have attempted to create.

Some people will not be with their family at Christmas


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