Recognition to Alberto Patishtán, Prisoner of Conscience in Chiapas

A Tzotzil teacher is considered an example of a human spirit that keeps its integrity, after nine years of unjust imprisonment.

Hermann Bellinghausen, sent
Posted: 26/01/2010 13:07

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chis. Teacher Alberto Patishtán Gómez prisoner, member of La Voz del Amate and follower of The Other Campaign, received today at the prison in San Cristobal  recognition “jTatic jdoe Samuel Lum”, awarded by Bishop Emeritus Samuel Ruiz Garcia and various civilian agencies.  The Tzotzil teacher “has undergone three prisons in Chiapas in 9 years of unjust imprisonment.”

The award, called through various civilian agencies of the state, gave Patishtán “as an example of how a human can maintain a whole spirit, sharing their virtues with love and simplicity with other persons deprived of their liberty.”

They also received the distinction three indigenous Catholic organizations: Civil Society Acteal Bees, Diocesan Coordinator of Women (CODIMUJ) and Indian Theology Ecumenical Mayense. They were recognized “for their daily work and community service in defence of his people, to love, nurture and defend the oppressed and fight for their liberation.”

Creditors to the distinction made themselves known within the framework of the 50th anniversary of episcopal Ruiz Garcia, who arrived here in 1960. The organizers are civil organizations chaired founded or inspired by the work of Bishop Ruiz Garcia, in the areas of human rights, solidarity and peace. ”

The founding organizations were the Centre for Human Rights Fray Bartolome de Las Casas, the Committee of Support for Community Reconciliation and Unity (Coreco), Economic and Social Development of Indigenous Mexicans (Desmi), Institute for Intercultural Studies and Research (Inesin) Services and Consulting for Peace (Serapaz), International Christian Service of Solidarity with the Peoples of Latin America (SICSAL) and the International Service for Peace (Sipaz).

Acteal Bees, “now under severe pressure to abandon their pacific civil resistance, for their steadfastness and perseverance in the peaceful struggle of the indigenous people” received the distinction because, “despite the release of 35 convicted of the slaughter of Acteal, maintain and deepen their organizing and their fight against impunity “.

A CODIMUJ was recognized “for having trained a large number of women, promoting their liberation process, the fight for their rights and their empowerment” since the year 80. CODIMUJ represents “a historic struggle of the indigenous and peasant women.

India Mayense Ecumenical Theology, “in the midst of great difficulties has sustained its deepening reflection on the roots of tradition and spirituality of the Maya people, highlighted the” serious and comprehensive service to indigenous people, encouraging the peaceful struggle, autonomy and community resistance.


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