Morelia junta statement on latest Bolon Ajaw events

The Zapatista Council of Good Government (Junta de Buen Gobierno), based
in Morelia, clarifies what happened in the past few days in Bolon Ajaw,

The Council of Good Government 'Heart of the Rainbow of Hope',  Caracol IV
'Whirlwind of our Words', Morelia, Chiapas, Mexico.

11 February 2010

To the Alternative Media
To the companeros of the Other Campaign in Mexico
To the companeros of the Sexta International

Sisters and Brothers
Companeros and Companeras

We the Council of Good Government denounce and clarify what happened on
the Saturday 6th February 2010, on the land controlled by the village of
Bolon Ajaw, autonomous municipality Comandanta Ramona.

The provocateurs, members of OPDDIC, inhabitants of Ejido Agua Azul,
aggressively came onto the land where our companeros and companeras live,
in order to work there on Thursday 20th January 2010.

In order to make the situation clear to the public, regarding the new
phase of aggression restarted against our companeros bases of support
(Zapatista community members) of the autonomous municipality Comandanta
Ramona, by OPDDIC members; we made public our position regarding the
defence of the Mother Earth in a written declaration dated 23rd January
2010.  In this declaration we clearly stated that we would defend the land
and its natural resources.

For those who don't remember, you can re-read this declaration on the
Enlace Zapatista website.

There you will find the full names of the aggressors, how they were
behaving and what calibre of guns they carried when they went onto the
land; and we want to make clear that they never put these guns away, but
carried them at all times while they were working on the land, and not
only that we also want to make clear that they smoked rolled-up cigarettes
which had really disgusting smelling smoke and smelled of marijuana.

Please excuse our ignorance because we don't really know the scope of the
internet but we believe that it reaches all the corners of the world and
we believe that when we publish something online, like for example our
declaration, it reaches all the parts of the world, and we don't believe
that the bad governments don't have computers nor access to the internet
in order to be able to read about what we denounced.

We assume that the bad governments have these tools in order to find out
what the people who they control, by giving them a few crumbs off the
table, are doing.  In front of the world's eyes, the bad governments did
nothing to prevent this attack that we suffered from happening - neither
Juan Sabines (Governor of Chiapas) nor Antonio Moreno Lopez, Municipal
President of Chilon, nor the wonderful Felipe Calderon did anything,
because they use tricks to get what they want.

As such we contradict what the OPDDIC leaders are saying: that our
companeros took them by surprise on Saturday 6th February - this is a
complete lie, because two weeks before we had published our declaration
and so in our opinion this time was available for us to wait and see if
they wanted to have a dialogue with us, but they never approached us.
Furthermore years earlier we, the Council of Good Government, had invited
Commissioner Geremias Lopez Herandez to meet and dialogue with us but he
has ignored us.

Our companeros went on to the Bolon Ajaw land at 6am, which is the start
of our working day as campesinos (peasant farmers), in order to do some
collective work on the land from which they want to evict us.  We arrived
at the area of land where we work at 7am and we didn't go there to attack
anyone, besides our companeros, inhabitants of the village of Bolon Ajaw
are already living on the land.  We reiterate that we have previously
stated that we are going to put up a defence, working peacefully, so this
shouldn't come as a surprise.

In order to reach the village of Bolon Ajaw we didn't have to pass through
the village of Agua Azul, you can get there going along paths through the
fields.  We didn't go into Agua Azul, even by a millimetre, and the
fabrication of OPDDIC accuses us of taking them by surprise, harassing
them, humiliating them and repressing the boys, girls, older men and
women.  This is one of the first lies of Juan Sabines and his local leader

We aren't like the bad governments that repress, imprison, and disappear
indigenous people, we have suffered acts of barbarity during the
governments of Ernesto Zedillo, and Roberto Albores Guillen and we never
copy their injustices.  But in these current times we see the restarting
of these tricks, just like previous governments have done, who would make
up crimes in order to justify the repression.

When we were going into the land it was 6am, we were walking together
along a path that goes to Bolon Ajaw and we were unarmed, while we were
arriving the OPDDIC invaders withdrew and we thought that they had gone
back to their houses to remain there peacefully, but it wasn't like that.

They withdrew to the place where they were building their houses and since
in order to get to their houses they had to pass through the village of
Bolon Ajaw, once they arrived in this village they immediately began to
fire rounds towards where our companeros were and there were only five
male companeros and ten female companeras and so they were unable to
defend themselves.

The OPDDIC members came with pistols and rifles in hand shooting towards
our companeros, we estimate that they fired around 250 rounds of calibre
22, thanks to our companeros quickly retreating they were not injured and
so in this way there were no deaths on our side.  While our companeros
were retreating they shouted to the companeros who were on the land that
we were working on, to ask for their support because 40 OPDDIC members
were arriving with arms in hand.

Once the OPDDIC members arrived at Bolon Ajaw they went to the village
church.  They broke open the door and once they were inside they began
destroying things like: breaking the statues of the saints, breaking the
case where the Holy Eucharist is kept, and breaking the simple altar.

Because of their indiscriminate shooting in Bolon Ajaw, they themselves
killed their fellow OPDDIC members because they were crowded closely
together while they were shooting.

This is the same kind of thing that was done to us during the time of
Ernesto Zedillo and Roberto Albores Guillen when the soldiers came into
our villages in 1995, who scattered maize, beans, stole our chickens and
looted things from our collective shop.  If we remember this, it's because
we see recent events as echoes of those times.

For example on 6th February 2010 our companero Manuel Jimenez Alvoro from
the hamlet of Bispuyil Ja, his house was destroyed, they wrenched out the
supports of his house and then they went to throw these away, then they
destroyed the supporting metal rods, they destroyed the lintel, they stole
the metal sheeting from his roof.  These metal sheets were bought through
our companero's hard work, and bear in mind today's high prices, the house
was 7 metres by 2.6 metres and was totally demolished.

As a last act of humiliation against our companero the wreckers, who
belong to the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) - namely Pedro Pérez
Silvano, Pedro Perez Jimenez, Domingo Pérez (primero), Domingo Pérez
(segundo), Melchorio Pérez Jlménez, and Pascual Pérez Jimenez - these
deceitful people cut down 76 coffee plants in order to put the blame on
our companero, they took these plants to present them to the Public
Prosecutors office in Bachajon in order to get them to issue an arrest
warrant accusing our comrade of cutting down their plants.

OPDDIC's lies say that we took them by surprise first thing in the
morning, when we were the ones who were taken by surprise by being shot
at, because they ambushed our companeros just a few metres away from the
ticket booth for the Agua Azul waterfalls, which is staffed by our
companeros from The Other Campaign.   There our companero Francisco
Gonzalez Gomez was badly wounded in the abdomen and fortunately is now
recovering, although he had lost a lot of blood.

When the OPDDIC members went to build their houses on the bolon Ajaw land
they never showed respect to our female companeras.  A path to the
cornfield passes through the area where they were working; our female
companeras were going to get or bring back maize and the lowlife marijuana
smokers from OPDDIC would strip off and show the women their penises when
they were passing through there.  Even a dog wouldn't do this and since
the bad government's plan is to provoke, they do this shamelessly.

 Once again they make up our supposed crimes, they accuse us of being
kidnappers, we are the ones who are struggling against death, we are not
corrupt from having millions as are the governments, as are the members
of Congress, we have never done this during our struggle.

We did detain seven OPDDIC members but we treated them with respect at all
times and gave them food, not fancy food because we don't have that, we
gave them water, a room which wasn't comfortable because thats what our
houses are like, we gave them blankets - in short we respected their
rights as human beings, as we would even for animals.

The seven OPDDIC members who they say were kidnapped, were freed and
handed over safe and sound, just as well as when they were detained; when
they were freed they signed a document acknowledging that they were
treated with respect.

Four of the last five OPPDIC members to be set free, namely Ivan Moreno
Lopez, Manuel Garcia Luna, Juan Hernandez Moreno, and Manuel Hernandez
Lopez, told us that Senor Salomon Moreno Lopez was one of those who
organised the provocateurs and even though we found out who he was, we
didn't harm him in any way.  We are not like the bad governments who
sentence people to many years in prison.

We, the Council of Good Government, have never closed the door on finding
a good solution to problems, we always show good will, sending our
messages to the human rights activists Fray Bartholomew de Las Casas.

Our proposal was that we would free the two OPDDIC members detained in
Bolon Ajaw, on the condition that the following people could freely pass
through : 13 members of the Civil Protection body (proteccion civil), 2
from the Chiapas State Government, principally Antonio Gamboa, Carlos
Manuel Calvo Martinez, the director of the Preventative Police (policia
preventiva), 2 from Fray Bartholomew human rights organisation, Jorge
Armando Gomez and Pedro Faro, and an inhabitant of the community of Agua
Azul: and on the condition that there be the right to free movement on the
roads and footpaths for all, without distinction.

In the second release of OPDDIC detainees, that is the five who were still
detained elsewhere, we proposed that they be released on condition that
they promise not to reoccupy the land and that peace be re-established.
This was our word, and we kept it honourably and truthfully.

The response of the bad government to our proposal was totally different.
It can be clearly seen that the government asks for dialogue, and then
replies with other things that have nothing to do with what we were
discussing, and we consider that while the three aforementioned
politicians continue governing in this country, they will continue with
their trickery and cunning.

For us it meant that the three levels of government agree that what they
did to us carries on happening and that violence in all parts of our
country continues.

The special public prosecutor dealing with NGOs, Pedro Raul Lopez,
transmitted the message from Juan Sabines Guerrero, Governor of Chiapas,
that the problem should be dealt with through dialogue, but on the
contrary the Governor insinuated that the army would come in and the
dialogue would be broken and hostilities would resume.

We believe that the intentions are already there, because we can see the
movements of the military, police and PGR, accompanied by indigenous
people, some in plain clothes.

While we propose a solution, they respond to us with very strong threats.

Comrades of The Other Campaign, nationally and internationally, don't let
yourselves be persuaded by the great lies from on high, with their violent
acts and declarations full of falsehoods, as we have just experienced.
People like those who call themselves governments dedicate themselves to
teaching indigenous people how to deceive.  Don't be confused, you have to
be able to perceive and listen to the truth.

Yours sincerely
The Council of Good Government
Candelaria Velasco Hernandez  Angel Hernandez Perez.

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