Latest denuncia from Mitziton

Compañeros and compañeras:

We would like to present new information about the aggressions suffered by the community of Mitziton which occurred this morning.

In another attempt to weaken us, an indigenous community, and ignore our decision to not permit our territories to become violent spaces, the three levels of the bad Mexican government including that of the municipal, state and federal governments; has coordinated the continuation of repression and hostilities; which today has presented itself in the detention of our community member Manuel Díaz Heredía.

This community member is known for his strong and continuous conviction in the defence of our people.

First the government supported the paramilitary group the Army of God in the murder of our community member Aurelio Díaz Hernández. Following his death they protected the murderer Francisco Jiménes Vicente, the state government continued to protect him by giving him his liberty from jail. This was done so that he may continue in his dirty work in trafficking humans. With all of this the government continues to maintain their hostilities against us through their support of a paramilitary group.

Then the same Mexican government sent one of their pawns and paramilitary commander Esdras Alonso, so that through a penal complaint, he would criminalize our protest and struggle for our land as well as the human rights defenders and lawyers that have supported us in our fight.

The PRI-ista municipal government of Mariano Díaz Ochoa and the PRD government of Juan Sabines have attempted to divide our community by offering projects which supply people with metal roofs, water tanks, and other items such as food staples and goods.

Furthermore they supported the aggression by the Army of God (Ejercito de Dios) on the 27th and 28th of February.

Then the government of Juan Sabines sent us another of their pawns, the famous Miguel Angel de los Santos Cruz in order to convince us to enter into dialogue with Juan Sabines and his paramilitaries, the Army of God. And now the bad federal government, surely in coordination with Juan Sabines has detained our community member Manuel Díaz Heredía in order to obligate us to accept the modification of our territory with the construction of the highway between san cristobal-palenque and the widening of the highway to Comitán.

With all of this, as a community we have decided to respond to the bad government with actions of protest against the detention of our community member Manuel. We demand his liberty and continue in the defence of our territory.

As assembly has decided we are blocking the panamerican highway to Comitán and we are detaining some of the bad government functionaries until our community member is liberated.

We demand the immediate liberty of our community member Manuel Díaz Heredía, political prisoner, as well as our other community member Artemio Díaz Heredía who has been in the prison, el amate, for the past two years.

To the members of the other campaign, we ask that you protest and engage in actions demanding the liberty of our community member. To the international community of the zezta international we ask that you protest in front of the Mexican embassies to demand the liberty of Manuel Díaz Heredía who presently was moved to the prison, Penal del Amate.


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