Second (earlier) denuncia from Mitziton

We would like to send a great hello to our brothers and sisters in resistance, adherents to the Otra Campaña. We would like to inform you about what is happening, because now there are some that say they are worried about the violent confrontations in our community, as is the human rights centre from the Law Department in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, which has been manipulated by Miguel Ángel de los Santos Cruz and the government of Juan Sabines.

On March 18th, the famous lawyer Miguel Ángel de los Santos Cruz arrived in our community, where one of our community members was walking. He was presented with a letter inviting us to a dialogue about the problem we have. It says that he is worried about the violence and for that reason he asks us to enter into dialogue, and that the Wings of God, the fountains of faith and praise and power, as well as the governor, a delegate from the office of Agriculture, a delegate from the Secretary of Communication and Transportation, the Secretary of Indian Peoples, State Attorney General, the Mayor of San Cristóbal de Las Casas and the National Centre for Human Rights.

For that reason, yesterday, March 21st, at 8:30am an Ejidal assembly was held, in which the assembly decided not to enter into any dialogue, that Miguel Ángel de los Santos should go to hell because we haven´t asked for help and we will not, because it is obvious that he has not read our legal complaints, and he has not seen our true problems that we have in our community. We do not accept any dialogue with the bad government, we are well aware of their interest in us, and it doesn´t seem strange that the human rights lawyer is being used by the bad government as their puppet and they are not going to deceive us.

The bad government knows well what are our agreements in our community, we have complained many times that we do not want the paramilitaries and delinqüents that continue causing problems and we ask that they are removed, that they respect our rights as indigenous people. We ask that they no longer create violence from the bad government which they are doing in our community through religious problems and through conflict. We are not a group, we are a people and we deserve respect.

We want to say to Miguel Ángel de los Santos, that he should not worry about us, we are a poor people, but we are intelligent and dignified so that we may resolve our true problems.

We want to remind the bad government that:

1. Our agreements are taken in assembly and we no longer want delinqüents, murderers, and paramilitaries in our community.

2. The bad government is responsible for what is happening in our community.

3. We ask for respect for our rights as indigenous peoples.

Sisters and brothers, adherents of the La Otra Campaña, we ask that you are aware about what is happening in our community. Our people are united and we will never be defeated.

¡Zapata lives and the struggle continues


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