Urgent Press. National and International Alert – Liberty and Justice for Atenco – Freedom Now!

National and International Campaign Liberty and justice for Atenco



As you know, a few weeks ago the First Chamber of the Supreme Court’s Office decided to exercise its power of attraction on claims of direct protection of the 12 political prisoners from Atenco.

This decision completely reoriented the strategy as a national and international campaign we have followed so far. The decision of the freedom of our 12 comrades is in the hands of the ministers of this body. The analysis of this committee, after we had waited for more information, it is extremely likely that the decision can be made very soon. A critical stage has been reached for the release of 12 political prisoners. It will require all support and focus our energy and mobilization.

It is extremely important to remember that despite the critical importance of this moment, there are many difficulties in Atenco case. Prisoners of the Altiplano Ignacio del Valle, Felipe Álvarez and Héctor Galindo sentences will be reviewed by the Supreme Court, have also several outstanding arrest warrants against them. Adam Espinosa, political persecution, is still under process and against America Del Valle processes are still in force. About 50 people are still under process (although free) after repression in May 2006.

Therefore, we launched an urgent alert to national and international civil society, with more than 300 organizations that have participated in this campaign, we turn immediately to organize and mobilize civilly  and peacefully for the freedom of our comrades under the following proposed plan of action:

1. Mobilize this coming May 4, four years after the events of repression, in Mexico City, from the Angel of Independence to the Supreme Court of Justice at 16 hrs. Through different states of the Republic, to the headquarters of the Judiciary Federation and in other nations to the Mexican embassies and consulates to demand that the Supreme Court review the case impartially, and to release 12 political prisoners.

2. Prepared to mobilize for a second time, when decision approaches, tentatively the second week of June.

3. To prepare a plan of action in Mexico City metropolitan area for the entire month of May and June as well as prepare for mobilization to the Supreme Court justice, we will meet in assembly this Saturday, April 24, in the local SITUAM located in Tlalpan 1036, Nativitas metro. We invite all student organizations, workers, women, indigenous peoples, peasants, human rights, environmental, popular to participate in this meeting where we will give precise information on the situation and present several proposals to civil society.

4. The organizations across the country and especially more than 100 organizations that participated in the campaign. We invite 12 estados/12 prisoners to immediately reactivate the coordination and communication among its member organizations to explore the possibility to join these mobilizations. This committee will send them immediately a proposed plan of action for their own localities.

5. Organizations that have participated in the international campaign of the Spanish State, France, Germany, Australia, Uruguay, Argentina, USA, Greece, Switzerland, the Basque Country and England and the rest of the world to join these demonstrations. This committee will contact you immediately to propose some actions from outside Mexico to support this initiative.

We remind you finally that we are receiving financial donations from 50 pesos in the official campaign names actors Daniel Gimenez Cacho y Julieta Egurrola: 624027733   of Banorte. This committee has decided that the donations are intended mainly to support families of prisoners and persecuted, and to a lesser extent expenditure shares by the release of prisoners. Note that these donations will not be used to support legal or defense at all, because as you know, there are various defense teams with different mechanisms of support to prisoners. This account does not receive donations for legal defense.

We know that this moment will be decisive for freedom and justice because in Atenco the possibility exists that strength and impunity prevail over reason and justice. Atenco represents current and future repression against social struggles. Freedom struggle for the 12 political prisoners, nearly 4 years of unjust imprisonment, should call us all. The freedom of political prisoners from Atenco is a national and international fight that calls us all.

Comrades. The time has come.



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