Oaxaca: Solidarity Caravan to the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala

Today, 26th of April 2010, San Juan Copala is besieged; the community
does not have electricity, the water pipes have been cut, the schools
have been shut down since January and there are no doctors. When the
women leave the community in order to look for water a food
they are hassled by paramilitaries. The constant control and the siege
delimit life in the community. For this reason due to the permanent
violation of elemental human rights, the climate of hostilities and to
the continuous aggressions against the Autonomous Municipality of San
Juan Copala, we are organizing a Solidarity Caravan to cover and support
the process of autonomous organization and self-determination of the
Municipality of San Juan Copala.

Today, one part of the Caravan, consisting of the local commission of
VOCAL as well as a group of Human Rights Observers from different
European countries (Finland, Germany, Italy and Belgium), arrived in the
city of Huajupan de Leon in order to head to the Autonomous Municipality
of San Juan Copala tomorrow.

Furthermore, tomorrow more people and organizations that are members of
the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO) and of the section
22 of the teachers’ union of Oaxaca, as well as a broader delegation of
international observers, will arrive.

The caravan’s objectives are providing active support to the
self-organization of the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala and
its struggle to unify the Triqui people, as well as contributing to
avoid any kind of aggression against the Triqui community. The Caravan
also aims to document and to break the media silence on the prevailing
situation in the area. For this reason the Caravan is realized by
comrades from the social movement in Oaxaca, with the participation of
international Human Rights Observers and local Mixtec organizations,
especially the Centre for Communal Support (CACTUS) and the network of
radios and indigenous media from the Mexican South-East.

At the same time Rufino Juárez, head of UBISORT (local paramilitary
group), declares to media that under no circumstances they would allow
the entrance of any caravan and that they would not take responsibility
for any possible occurrences. Given the circumstances, we hold the
government of Ulises Ruiz responsible for any aggression any
representative of the media or human rights observer could face. Hence,
we demand Evencio Martínez and the government to guarantee the transit
of the Caravan and the media without any trouble or threats like the
ones coming from UBISORT.

We are calling for the media, the civil society and the general public to
stay informed and alert about the Caravan and its journey across the
Mixtec region of Oaxaca towards the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan

We do not consider the struggle of the autonomous municipality of San
Juan Copala as being an isolated struggle, but rather as part of the
struggle for land and territory that is going on throughout the our
state of Oaxaca against the violent appropriation carried out by the bad
government and transnational corporations.

Oaxacan Voices Constructing Autonomy and Freedom (VOCAL)
Centre for Communal Support (CACTUS)
Commission of international Human Rights Observers
Network of radios and indigenous communicators of the Mexican South-East

Huajuapan de León Oaxaca April 26, 2010

cactuszapatista@hotmail.com, Tel 9535322147

Background information in English:




Oaxaca in struggle


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