Message of thanks from Oaxaca for solidarity shown

After the heavy attack against the Caravan of Observation and Solidarity with the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala, we thank you for the solidarity you have shown us in this situation, which fills us with anger and grief, but above all, a lot of rebelliousness.

Our comrades David Venegas Reyes and Noe Bautista Jimenez, along with the comrades from Contralinea David Cilia and Erika Ramirez are recuperating from this heavy blow with their families and organizing with their own collectives.

Our comrade Noe Bautista Jimenez has been hospitalized with bullet wounds. His family is being harassed at the hospital where they are standing by  him, and we ask you to stay abreast of this situation.

We know that the harassment of human rights defenders won’t end, much less the hostililities against the San Juan Copala community, which is now incomunicado, held hostage with a total lack of the services necessary to assure its well-being.

We call on you to keep demanding the freedom that belongs to the peoples to defend their right to self-determination and to struggle for an end to repression in this community that has been hit so hard by the paramilitaries along with all the forces of state and federal power.

We call on you to show your solidarity in denouncing these acts of repression and struggling to break the siege.

We’re keeping on top of the situation and continuing to act on behalf of the freedom of our comrades in the San Juan Copala community.

Thank you again, compas, for the coverage you’ve given us. We know that a struggle without media coverage is a struggle destined to failure.

I’m attaching this video from Contralinea.

Centeotl Luna


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