NGOs to disseminate worldwide condemnation for the attack on observers

They seek to pressure the federal government to act in Oaxaca
NGOs disseminated worldwide condemnation of the attack on observers
E. Alma Muñoz

La Jornada
Friday April 30, 2010, p. 11

Civil organizations in Mexico, representatives of European embassies, like that of Spain,  agreed to internationally disseminate the condemnation of the attack on a human rights observer mission  in Oaxaca, on its way to San Juan Copala in order to pressure President Felipe Calderon to resolve the case and take action in the state.

The National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR) demanded the government of Oaxaca to implement protective measures for journalists and activists to carry out their work. Officially a complaint was launched, while assistant inspectors are already on the site of the ambush to gather information.

“For the NHRC, the Mexican state can not relinquish its role as guarantor of the rule of law, and should effectively investigate the violence and punish those responsible,” said in a statement.

Dozens of academics from various institutions of higher education (UNAM, FLACSO, Uia, CIDE, INAH, UAM, ITAM, CIESAS) expressed “greater condemnation” to the events of last Tuesday, because “they are intolerable in a state of law”.

“We express our deep concern at the rising climate of violence prevailing in the region due to the proliferation of armed civilian groups, and demand that the responsible authorities to ensure full integrity to relatives, human rights defenders and civil society that are in the zone. ”

They demanded a thorough investigation and punish those responsible, to repair the violated rights of victims and measures to end violence, including the disarmament of armed groups, and to open channels of dialogue to reduce tension in the area, respecting the rights to autonomy and self-determination of indigenous peoples and communities.

Representatives of social groups, embassies and agencies such as the Mexican office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and Amnesty International, met yesterday to determine a plan to continue to protest what had happened and to demand justice.

He reported that this Friday at noon there will be a movement to represent the government of Oaxaca in Mexico City and it was agreed that organizations should be unified to develop a common strategy.

Amnesty International committed itself to treating the attack on the convoy with federal authorities.


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