Help end violence against Mexican human & labour rights activists

On April 27, Mexican human rights activist and indigenous leader Alberta (“Bety”) Cariño and Finnish human rights observer Jyri Antero Jaakkola were killed and several people injured when their caravan was ambushed by paramilitaries on its way to San Juan Copala, Oaxaca, Mexico to deliver aid to members of the autonomous Triqui indigenous community who have been under siege by paramilitaries for several months.

On April 28, Enrique Morales Montaño and Coral Juarez Melo, of the Centro de Apoyo al Trabajador (CAT), were visiting workers from the Puebla factory of multinational Johnson Controls Inc.(JCI), when Enrique was physically assaulted by the son of a local leader of the CROM, the illegitimate union at the Johnson Controls  factory.

Please take action by writing to the Mexican government to protect human and labour rights activists and hold those accountable that seek to hurt and intimidate them.

»Learn more about Bety Cariño’s murder and Take Action!

»Learn more about threats to the CAT and Take Action!


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