8th June, 2010, 2nd Humanitarian Caravan to San Juan Coapala “Betty Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola”

To the indigenous peoples of Mexico and the world

To communicators and media

To the national and international public opinion

To the national and international human rights organizations

To the Social movement organizations, democratic people of Mexico and the

To The Other Campaign

Women and men who dream of a better tomorrow and a different world.

We, the communities, neighbourhoods and people from San Juan Copala
Municipality have suffered, in recent months, an escalation of violent
attacks against us, people who are committed with this project has resisted
valiantly, and those who rely on our destiny as indigenous people have
ventured with us to defend it at all costs.

A clear example was the unfortunate loss of Betty Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola
in the armed attack on the humanitarian convoy on April 27, who lost their
own lives to inform the world the inhumane daily conditions in which people
of San Juan Copala live, besieged by a paramilitary group that threaten our
brothers and sisters every single day.

Because the world needs to know these conditions and know the complicity of
government in Oaxaca with the paramilitary group,  we call again the
national and international community, in every country in the world to break
the paramilitary siege once and for all in which more than 70 families are
living under conditions of constant violation of their rights, the exercise
of their own forms of social, political and cultural development and full
exercise of their and community life.

Because silence can not be imposed by the sound of guns: Humanitarian
Caravan "Bety Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola" to be held on June 8, 2010,
correcting previous date of May 30 that was published in some media.
Because, it is necessary to search and to ensure the collection of food and
enough food for those families for several weeks more,  and especially to
get the necessary security conditions for the caravan and not endanger
any people
who choose to join.

Human conditions are so extremely difficult that people do not hold no more,
no water, electricity, no food, families need our support and solidarity.
Therefore, we ask for coordination of National and International Human
Rights organizations and join the initial call that we coordinate through
the Human Rights Center "Bartolome Carrasco of Oaxaca (BARCA), specially
this call is for the incorporation of the National Network of Civil Human
Rights Organizations All Rights for All, Human Rights Center Miguel Agustín
Pro Juárez and the National Centre for Social Communication, so that
together We can cover the caravan and make a success of this humanitarian

We also call the International Red Cross, Amnesty International, Peace
Brigades International and the office of the High Commissioner for UN Human
Rights in Mexico to join the extent of their capabilities to this caravan.

To the national media and international organizations, committed to truth,
to document and verify the reality of San Juan Copala, to tell the world how
people is subjected and exploited in Mexico and Oaxaca, to see firsthand
what Betty Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola wanted to document and losing their

The integrity and security of all and all accompanying this caravan is
responsibility only of the Mexican State as a whole, the rights in our
constitution and international treaties can not be limited by paramilitary
groups or corrupt governments.

Humanitarian Caravan "Bety Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola " will break the
siege and put and end to the suffering of more than 70 families who are
surviving in appalling conditions.

Because Triqui rights of the people are not under the control of any
paramilitary group!

Because justice and peace can only be achieved by building from below!

All to San Juan Copala on 8th June!

Authorities of the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala

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