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No5 May 2010


The Tila Compañeros establish legal ownership over the ejido.

On April 11, 2010, the companer@s of the Tila ejido denounce “the State government, the municipal office, State congress and the public land registry as the parties responsible for the theft of 130 hectares of our communal ejido land.” And they provide chronological evidence beginning in 1934 to back this claim of collusion.

“The corruption that has brought us so many serious problems include: threats, acts of intimidation and discrimination, thefts, persecutions and murders.” They support these statement with the facts since the 1960s, when “a group of compañeros campesinos were burned in their homes and their property was stored for two years in the municipal police station to build a primary school”; in the 80s “27 campesinos were rounded up and unjustly accused of an alleged kidnapping, followed by a warrant for their arrest. The Tila ejido companer@s denounce that on April 11, 2010, “State government, the municipal office, State congress and the public land registry as the parties responsible for the theft of 130 hectares of our communal ejido land.” And they provide chronological evidence beginning in 1934 to back this claim of collusion.

“Another injustice against the 29 compañeros was to be accused of damaging the municipal administrative office that day, when in fact it was only a protest against the withdrawal of public security for having beaten to death” another campesino, Nicolas Jimenez Garcia,” who was riddled with bullets at the door of his own house”, and the murderers are still at large. Furthermore, “tear gas was dropped from helicopters all over the area and that day 49 were jailed and tortured, in violation of Article 22 of the Constitution, which prohibits mutilation, branding, whipping and torture. And now we know that they are accusing us of terrorism, rebellion, narco-trafficking, and for speaking against the government. They have not found grounds to annul the arrest warrants.

Now they demand enforcement of the ruling on appeal handed down in January 2009. “In view of what has happened, it is not possible that presidential documents will end such corruption and irregularities. We reject the payment of 40 087 040 pesos, we are in no position to establish a separate legal fund, we do not accept any payment for compensation.” They continue to demand respect for their legal right to this land.

On the 10th April the creation of the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Committee, based in Chiapas, was announced to mark the commemoration of the anniversary of Emiliano Zapata.

Las Abejas between reconciliation and new pressures

22nd and 27th April

On the 22nd April the Civil Society of Las Abejas denounced in their monthly news release “the bad government of Mexico and other neoliberal countries [who] see Mother Earth as a business” “ the state and federal government of Mexico are complicit with the other neoliberal G-8 countries in disrupting our harmonious relationship with Mother Earth with their neoliberal projects such as: mining, the construction of dams, motorways as well as agrochemicals and inorganic food packaging which poisons the earth. Such are the principal destroyers of nature, and life on our planet – the governments and national and transnational businesses.”

Later they shared that “our organisation has reinvigorated itself since the division that the bad government has promoted for 2 years” “Many have believed in the false promises of Sabines, they have said that they have been cheated and that to live with dignity we should not rely on the bad government for our food” They congratulate “other communities who seek integration into our organisation in order to fight peacefully against the capitalist system”

They call for the “liberation of our comrade political prisioners” of Atenco.

In their news release of the 27th, Las Abejas denounced the plans in 2008 of the counterinsurgency war “to not completely finish with paramillitaries and the army, [the bad government thought] of a strategy of payments” “offered to a group of leaders who are charged with manipulating the members of the organisation”. But “lots and lots of us remained aware that the gifts they offered were to distract us and make us forget the massacre of Acteal.”

Now they function as “messengers and delegates” of Sabines as part of the counterinsurgent war”

On the 24th April, the ex members of the organisation that now have a group called “Las Abejas A.C” went to Acteal “visiting various houses of the survivors of Acteal, to organise government indemnity for the loss of their families.” They proposed a pension of 5000 pesos monthly, and that they would share 500 pesos monthly as payment for ‘effort’”.

It gives us much sadness and pain that our own brothers who once fought beside us are now serving Sabines”

We won’t permit the sale of the blood and dignity of our brothers and sisters assassinated by the paramilitaries of the bad government”


The compañer@s from Mitziton, adherents to the Other Campaign, denounce events that have taken place this month (April 2010).

1. On the 3rd of April, while the compañer@s were celebrating Holy Mass, the paramilitary group ‘Army of God’ set fire to the house of the father of our murdered compañero, Aurelio Diaz Hernandez, burning the house as well as “all his possessions: bed, blankets, clothes, leaving him with nothing […] the compañer@s agreed in assembly to work together to buy replacements for some of his things.” The accused, “told the community that they (themselves) had been responsible (for the fire).”

2. “On the 15th April, they again wanted to provoke us: one person cut down a tree and then sold it, without respecting the authority of the assembly.”

3. On the 16th and 17th April, Francisco Gomez Diaz and his son Gregory omez Jimenez, the main co-ordinators of the paramilitary provocateurs ‘Eagle Wings, Army of God’ cut down four trees without the authorization of the assembly. These were the same people who kidnapped and tortured a rural agent, a policeman and another compañero on the previous 28th February.

4. On the 18th April the same group “again cut down four trees without the permission of the assembly.”

5. Five compañeros were tending their sheep on the 18th of April, when at least four men appeared, wearing masks and dressed in black, frightening them, some saying: “Let’s wait” while others said” better get it over with”, The compañeros got sticks to defend themselves, and the masked ones went to hide themselves, “so the compañeros returned to the village crying with fear of what was going to happen, because it was not the first time that these people had assaulted (them)”. Since the 2nd of April they had “seen the paramilitary ‘army of God’ “firing guns in the same place.”

6 – “On the 18th of the same month, the Mitziton community authorities received information” that a compañera, a native of the ejido Flores Magon in the municipality of Teopisca, was surprised by a member of the ‘Army of God, Eagle Wings’ while she was tending her sheep. “He grabbed her and started to beat her, intending to rape her, but the girl began to scream and to defend herself, so he began to hit her more, leaving her with cuts and bruises, and she managed to escape […] The assailant is known as a trafficker of migrant brothers and as the main provocateur in the community ”

The compañer@s hold the government responsible for what has happened in their community and for the fact that there has been “no punishment of those responsible for all the attacks, and for the violations of our human rights committed by members of the ‘Army of God’ and by the group of Francisco Gomez Diaz, the chief provocateur in Mitziton. “

They also demanded “the absolute and unconditional freedom of our fellow political prisoners of the Other Campaign”.

JBG of La Realidad denounces new evictions

The Good Government Junta of La Realidad denounced “the attacks which are being made by the 3 levels of the bad government and which our Zapatista communities are suffering”, “ in the Montes Azules Biosphere Reserve, where our communities are situated within the gap (
brecha) that is being made, they are making plans for evictions”.

They warn: “we the EZLN will not allow any more evictions, we will not put up with the situation, and we will not leave. We will defend our land, whatever happens”.

page 4

Solidarity with the comrades in Oaxaca !!!!!

In support of the community of San Juan Copala and the comrades of the caravan, Cactus, Vocal, Contralinea, section 22 of the SNTE(the National Union of Education Workers), all belonging to the APPO, and the international observers, we are compiling a summary of the facts they previously reported, with the aim of denouncing the impunity happening in this zone but also to recognise who is the brains behind the massacre.

On 28.11.2009, comrades from the Popular Front for the Defence of the Land (FPDT) and from the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala reported that UBISORT prevented members of the FPDT from San Salvador Atenco from arriving at the Autonomous Municipality, where they had planned to hold the closing ceremony of the campaign to free the prisoners.

The hypothesis put forward, which is not so far-fetched, was of an Alliance between the state governors, Enrique Pena Nieto, of the State of Mexico, and Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, of Oaxaca, to prevent the two movements from uniting, because from this date onwards, the repression against the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala increased, until it reached the point where it stands today.

Then the daily newspapers in Oaxaca City began a strong campaign of misinformation, declaring that the Autonomous Municipality was at an end. This was denied by the municipal authorities several times, while the campaign went on and blood continued to flow in the Triqui region.

On 29.11.2009, another more violent attack led to the death of a child and various casualties. On the same day, the attackers set up a road block outside the community of La Sabana, where the attack on the caravan of activists took place, with the intention of besieging the local inhabitants.

On 10.12.2009, heavily armed and accompanied by a number of people, they evicted the autonomous authorities from the municipality and set up a permanent guard inside it. They stayed there till a group of women and children supporting the municipality and its authorities took over the building when the usurpers relaxed their guard; as the latter could not return, they began to fire on the community, wounding a 64-year-old woman.

On 17 April a comrade from the school hostel committee was assassinated by a member of the paramilitary movement UBISORT in the town hall. The leader of the autonomous community called for a “red alert”.

The very dangerous situation in the community forced many families to abandon San Juan Copala.

On the night of Saturday/Sunday 10/11 April, the offices of the magazine Contralinea were raided by various individuals, who broke down the doors to all the editorial and administrative offices, removed financial and editorial documents, computers and mobile phones. This robbery is one more in the series of harassments that these journalists have suffered since 2007.

27.04.2010: Foreign observers are attacked in Oaxaca; at least 2 dead and more than 12 injured.

Solidarity with all and against impunity!!!


MOCRI-CNPA MN reports fierce harassment of a campesino leader’s family:

Threats of imprisonment and dispossession against members of the Other Campaign in Molina del Arco:

Statement from Amatan about seizure of a field: /2010/04/ejidatarios-hijos-de-ejidatarios-del.html

MOCRI-CNPA MN demand an end to state terror in Chiapas :

Repression and detentions of young people in San Cristóbal de Las Casas:


The Autonomous Council of the Coastal Zone denounces cutting off of electricity by the CFE in Pijijiapan:

450 people arrive in Molino los Arcos, San Cristobal de Las Casas to take possession of the land:

Possible confrontation at the Virgen de Dolores ranch in Bachajon ejido, Agua Azul

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