Humanitarian Caravan makes its way towards Copala

It is expected that without the presence of blockades,  it will arrive at 15:00 hrs (9pm UK time) to deliver 30 tons of food

Posted: 06/08/2010 12:14

Huajuapan de León, Oax. The Humanitarian Caravan has smoothly passed through this county, to continue its way to Santiago Juxtlahuaca which will make a last stop before their final destination, San Juan Copala.

At the head of the caravan the PRD federal deputy, Alejandro Encinas ruled against state officials that the Caravan in the Triqui area is a provocation.

He hopes to arrive at their destination around 15:00 am this day to deliver 30 tons of food.

“Hopefully we will not find any blockade, and that local and federal authority guarantee security to all members of the Caravan and allows the humanitarian aid to reach all community members” he said.

The so-called “Humanitarian Caravan Betty Cariño and Jyri Jaakkola ” was received by the director of the government of Oaxaca, Alfonso Zarate and local Secretary for Human Rights, Rosario Villalobos.

“There is already too much violence to come to bring more tension and of course we will not respond to any action that could provoke violence in the area,” he told the officials,  also the leader of the deputies of the PRD.

Encinas Rodriguez reiterated that he gave the secretary of government of Oaxaca, Nicolas Martinez, all documents relating to the presence of legislators, staff and accompanying equipment, as well as the number of vehicles that make up the caravan.

“(The state government) has been reporting on time and not only directly, but through the monitors who were in Mexico City, where they took the plates, the number of counted vehicles and people coming in the convoy. ”

“I think they have enough clear information timely delivered to provide guarantees to the Caravan, but will be delivered again if needed,” he said.

Encinas  also admitted to have a response from the Interior Ministry and the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR), who “have reported that they will have a presence, we hope that this presence is met on time in the region.”

The Caravan of 240 people, travelling in six buses from Mexico City, including 10 federal deputies and three assemblymen left Huajuapan  at 10:30 towards Juxtlahuaca. Where they will analyze to arrive in  San Juan Copala.


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