2nd Humanitarian Caravan Turns Back 1km From San Juan Copala Due To Lack Of Security

The caravan was detained by police near Santiago Juxtlahuaca, on the boundary of the Municipality of San Juan Copala on the afternoon of June 8th. The Attorney General of the Oaxaca State Government, who was present, said that the they could not guarantee safety unless they showed the documents of all the people on the caravan and allowed UBISORT paramilitaries to accompany the caravan. There were attempts to break the siege on foot, but the caravan has now returned to Huajuapan de Leon to reorganise. The decision to turn back was made by the Municipality of San Juan Copala in the context of shots fired in the community and UBISORT recruiting PRI supporters from a PRI state governor candidate’s rally to blockade the caravan. Demonstrations in support of the caravan took place in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Greece, Mexico City and Oaxaca City.




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