Atenco: after yesterday court closed session, Only 2 ministers support Del Valle and Medina Alvarez, Consensus to free 10

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Only two defence ministers would also support releasing Del Valle and Medina Alvarez

Consensus on the Court to free 10 of the 12 prisoners peasants

Jesus Aranda

La Jornada
Thursday June 24, 2010, p. 4

Ministers from the first chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN) yesterday discussed in closed session the defence applications submitted by the 12 Atenco prisoners.

Consensus emerged among the five ministers in which 10 defendants remain in complete freedom, while only two are in favour of granting the protection “outright” to the leaders of the Peoples’ Front in Defense of Earth (FPDT) Ignacio del Valle Medina, Felipe Alvarez, held in maximum-security prison in the Altiplano.

Judicial sources confirmed that the above stated that the coin is still in the air, as though in the private meeting the ministers did not agree on a position in these issues, the fact left the door open to change the criterion, one week before the public meeting (June 30) that is expected to resolve such issues.

While outside of the country’s highest court a rally was held in support of the prisoners of Atenco, which demanded the release of the 12 arrested, three in the maximum security prison in the Altiplano and nine in the Molino de Flores, ministers held a meeting with a committee of secretaries to discuss the protections designers.

Court officials explained that one of the key issues preventing the release of Ignacio del Valle Medina, Felipe Alvarez is in the case file which indicates that in April 2005  government officials were held, as pressure for their demands to be heard and to establish a dialogue with authorities of the State of Mexico , “the officials were tied up and rockets were placed around their bodies, with the threat to set fire to them if they ignored their demands.

This version, which is on file, was taken yesterday by Minister Jose de Jesus Gudino Pelayo, who said that such action is a crime of aggravated kidnapping, which is attributed to the accused, “because it put at risk” the good legally protected interest “in holding officials and coerced the authority to force it to perform certain act.

The item was placed on the table and is one of the main factors that led the three ministers to reserve for the day of the open meeting to support or not proposals by ministers under speakers.

In contrast, ministers Juan N. Arturo Zaldivar and Silva Meza considered the crime of kidnapping is not configured for any of the accused, regardless of the violation of due process and other irregularities from their point of view, the SCJN is forced to reproduce the criteria set out in Acteal case, when they released more than 20 Indians who had been sentenced as responsible for the massacre in that community.

Arturo Zaldivar’s opinions to be developed under grant “outright” in favor of Hector Galindo, FPDT legal advisor and a prisoner in the prison of the Altiplano-e Ignacio del Valle.

Silva Meza presented the protections of Ignacio del Valle-by attacks on roads and Felipe Alvarez-Medina.

Jose de Jesus Gudino Pelayo did the same with the protections of Oscar Hernández Pacheco, Rodolfo Cuellar Rivera, Julio César Espinoza Ramos, Juan Carlos Estrada Cruces, Edgar Eduardo Morales Reyes, Jorge Alberto Ordóñez Ordóñez Romero Adam Romero Román.

Meanwhile, Olga Sánchez Cordero addressed Narciso Arellano Hernandez protection and José Ramón Cossío presented  Alejandro Pilón Zacate protection


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