Request for support regarding America Del Valle


Several hours ago America del Valle was admitted into the Venezuelan embassy in Mexico in order to ask for political asylum. We are circulating a letter on behalf of academics, intellectuals, social justice leaders, and organizations to support America. We have sent this to you to please help us circulate it. It is very urgent that we deliver it as soon as possible because she runs the risk of being apprehended by the Mexican government.
(Send your name and country to:

To the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías

ATTN: Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

in México


The below signatures, which belong to the international community, are to request that you grant political assylum to the Mexican social justice fighter, America del Valle Ramirez, who has been persecuted by the Mexican state since May of 2006, on the day when the people of San Salvador Atenco (in Texcoco, Mexico) were repressed by the Federal Police. Repression that left two young people dead, hundreds of people imprisoned, and scores of women sexually abused.

Since then, America has been persecuted, facing legal actions and charges equal to those brought upon her father and director of the People Front in Defense of the Land, Ignacio del Valle, who was sentenced to 112 years in prison for those charges without being proven guilty. This is because the true reason for his imprisonment was the directing of the resistance against the construction of an airport that would take away the people of San Salvador Atenco’s land.

This is why we are requesting political asylum for America Del Valle, who meets that status because of her persecution and harrasment by the Mexican state for her ideas.



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