UBISORT paramilitaries shoot two women and a girl in San Juan Copala

June 28, 2010

by autonomiaencopala

June 24 , 2010, UBISORT  wounded with a bullet  a 8 year old girl named Miriam Martínez Flores in the left foot. The autonomous municipality was attacked by the paramilitaries of UBISORT again on Sunday June 26th wounding two women.   Marcelina de Jesus Lopez has two bullet wounds in her left shoulder. Celestina Ramirez Cruz  has  three bullet wounds.

Donations are needed to operate on the companions wounded by bullets UBISORT

In all, the surgery cost $ 30,000.00 but do we not have much money at our disposal. We know that we have your solidarity. We have a new account where you can make donations.

Within the Republic, donations may be deposited in the account at HSBC: 4023256654.  The account is the name of Minerva Nora Martínez Lázaro.

For international deposits, please write to comunicacion.san.juan.copala @ gmail.com to provide the information they need.

Please register by sending your deposit amount, date and time of deposit to the box: autonomiaencopala@hotmail.com and casiautonomia@hotmail.com

Soon we will have more options to donate.

Thank you.


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