The 12 Atenco Political Prisoners are Liberated!

Joy in East Harlem, New York due to the announcement today in Mexico of the liberation of the 12 political prisoners of Atenco.

Movement for Justice in El Barrio, The Other Campaign New York, plans to send a delegation to receive the freed prisoners.

A strong embrace in solidarity and celebration from each and every one of the humble women, men, children and elderly in Zapatista East Harlem for our sisters and brothers of Atenco. We have heard with great joy of the liberation of the social justice fighters that have endured an unjust sentence imposed by the government in an act of vengeance, only because they resisted and defended their lands. Since four years ago they have had to bear an unjust imprisonment. For over four years they have had to endure sermons from those who claim “legality” and “attachment to the rule of law” in a country of thiefs where all that reigns is impunity and injustice. Their resistance and courage has been an inspiration to us as well as a very powerful reason to keep fighting.

We want you to know that today Zapatista East Harlem is celebrating because we know that this is not a triumph of the rule of law that doesn’t exist in Mexico, but of the organizing and mobilization of our sisters and brothers of the People’s Front in Defense of the Land, of our Zapatista sisters and brothers in Chiapas and of our compañer@s of good heart in all parts of the world. To all of them we send an embrace and celebrate you too. Thanks to all of these united big hearts we will manage to triumph so that America del Valle can be free in her homeland without being persecuted like a criminal, because she is not one.

The freedom of our incarcerated brothers is not underserved forgiveness. It is proof that they should have never been in prison. Meanwhile, those responsible for the repression suffered by Atenco as directed by the State of Mexico and by criminals like Enrique Peña Nieto and the militarized police, who savagely beat the population, sexually tortured women and killed 2 youth in Atenco continue with impunity.

From El Barrio, New York, we want you to know that we are now, more than ever, with you in the struggle that awaits us; until the day we achieve true justice in our homeland and in the world.

Long Live the People’s Front in Defense of the Land!

From the other side of the border:

Movement for Justice in El Barrio

The Other Campaign New York


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