Communiqué from the European Brigade in Zapatistas support

July 7, 2010

The European Brigade in Zapatistas support left San Cristobal towards Comitan. The members have been as the first stage of their tour, in the community of Mitzitón (adherent to the Other Campaign) where they have met the ejido authorities.

In the framework of the objectives of the Brigade, the group of European activists in solidarity with this community that is resisting the aggressions against paramilitary group called “Wings of Eagles – Army of God”, led by Carmen Díaz, where the government ignore threats and provocations of that group.

During the meeting, the authorities explained what they have suffered because of the paramilitaries, who are a group of people who have no land rights because for years they have not cooperate with the common expenses or with community work and also do not take care of the forest where they indiscriminately fell trees.

The main problem, complained the authorities, is the coverage that the state government provides to the paramilitaries. Not only economically but also politically. Perhaps it could be that the state government rather than meeting the demands of the Mitzitón community to relocate paramilitary army of God, rather wants to relocate both parts and keep the lands of the ejido, and then give them to the large transnational investors and their mega tour, because on Mitzitón ejido land, the route for the San Cristobal-Palenque highway is projected, route that the community resists against.

The brigade ended with a visit to the blockade of the San Cristobal-Comitán, where the Ejido authorities claim that this extreme measure of control is to demand the government to act and relocate the paramilitaries.

The day after the visit the blockade was lifted,  after a meeting between the ejido authorities and government representatives. However, Mitzitón community has granted only a period of one month for the government to comply the relocation of the Army of God being just for once, due to the constant attacks carried out by paramilitaries against the community.

European Brigade in support of the Zapatistas


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