2nd Communiqué from the European Brigade in Zapatistas support

Press Release N ° 2.

July 8, 2010

The European Brigade in support of the Zapatistas that started two days ago continues its tour.

The Brigade arrived at the Oventik Caracol II, headquarters of the Junta of Good Government of the Highlands of Chiapas.

Here members have been received by the Board itself, before which have brought the solidarity of Europe from below and to the left. The JBG talked about the community of El Pozo (Municipality of San Juan Cancuc), who were victims of violence by supporters of the PRD and PRI parties, that on June 21 were to attack the compañer@s  of that community with the intention of cutting off the supply of water and electricity.

Given the brutal aggression against two compañeros Zapatista support bases, there was a balance of two non-Zapatistas killed in self defense, there were two wounded (one of them, Miguel Pérez Hernández, is guarded by police in hospital, “Secure Life “in Tuxtla) and two Zapatistas health promoters, Miguel Martinez and Diego Mendez Santis Santis, are unjustly imprisoned in the CE.RE.SO. 5 located in San Cristobal. Today the community is displaced because of the threats.

While the government seeks to divide communities, through welfare programs as Procampo or Provivienda, supporting religious sects or supporting paramilitary groups to provoke clashes, justifying intervention by the federal police or army, the Zapatistas do not want to fight with members of communities themselves and fall into the trap of bad governance.

Also members of the European Solidarity Brigade could learn about the progress of Zapatista Autonomy. In areas such as Agroecology (agriculture-ecology), an official told them how to resist and build alternatives “to the capitalist system that demands to produce and produce and not return to the land”,  projects against GM crops as “The Mother Seeds in Resistance.”

They also visited the Autonomous Clinic “La Guadalupana”, and they talked on the important achievements in health, for example, prevention of curable diseases caused many deaths in children before.

“We are promoters and a promoter, promotes education, not teach,” said one of the education system responsible for Autonomous Highlands. The Europeans were able to hear well on issues such as the functioning of justice, production cooperatives or collective works of rebel women in that area.

The European delegates underlined the words of the Good Government: “Given these political coups, economic and moral conscience continue resisting and developing. Resist rejecting government aid, but also organizing our autonomy better: schools, health among others, are areas of work with those who resist. It costs us, but we want to show the government that we are able to live alone do things alone”.


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