2 Atenco Arrest Warrants Dropped

Almoloya de Juarez, Mex. The first criminal court of Toluca, Hugo Martínez González, cancelled two arrest warrants against America del Valle del Valle Ramirez and Josefina Medina, daughter and sister, respectively,  of the leader of the Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Land, Ignacio del Valle Medina.

On Tuesday, the High Court of Justice in the State of Mexico confirmed the determination of the court, after last Friday afternoon, the Attorney General’s Office formally withdrew the charges against America and Josefina de Valle, for the crime of kidnapping.

The Judiciary State of Mexico reported that to date there are no more criminal cases pending against the daughter and sister of Ignacio del Valle, so that America can return to San Salvador Atenco, after four years of persecution.

America del Valle requested, on 23 June, political asylum to Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez and from that day she has been inside  the Embassy of Venezuela waiting for an answer.

Leonel Rivero, lawyer of the Atenco movement, welcomed the decision of the State of Mexico authorities, and said the first court decision Toluca shows that the Attorney General of the State of Mexico had no arguments to arrest America and Josefina Valley.

“We see a correction from an analysis made after the Supreme Court’s Office issued its decision in relation to the direct amparo promoted to release Ignacio del Valle, Felipe Álvarez for the crime of kidnapping matched. It’s the same offense and the same acts for which he had arrest warrants against America and Josefina “he said.

“I think that the assessment made by the state of Mexico authorities  was not only legal ” because the decision of the Court showed that there was not base for the crime of kidnapping, and that they also assessed the case politically”. They thought it was untenable the accusation by all the legal background that existed “he said.

Those who still have cases pending in the Judiciary are mexiquense Ignacio del Valle, Felipe Álvarez, on charges of aggravated robbery, injury, damage to public bins and plunder, but the defense has promoted an injunction in federal court and is waiting to be resolved.


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