Work, Solidarity and Observation Brigade

“Thousands of Rages, one heart: Long live the Zapatista Communities”

We invite adherents of the Other Campaign to join the Brigade which will take place as part of the Campaign “Thousands of Rages, one heart: Long live the Zapatistas Communities!” from
8th to 15th August, 2010.

Since the Zapatista uprising in 1994, we have watched with great attention, respect and admiration their 26 years of struggle and we have also witnessed the fruits of their autonomy, so 11 years ago we decided to accompany this worthy struggle with our humble work.

The process of transformation of the social relations of production in the autonomous municipalities, and their progress in the process of freedom, justice and democracy have become known worldwide and have had a strong impact on anti-systemic thinking and on many national and international struggles.

This construction of Another Possible World is evidence of the failure of the capitalist system, and this is the reason for the fight against autonomy, through which all levels of the bad government – political parties in power, media disinformation, the political and business classes – have orchestrated with impunity a campaign of counterinurgency and state terrorism against our Zapatista companer@s, who have known how to resist with great dignity.

So we will put together this Brigade to hear directly the feelings and experiences of our compas who are living in the face of the repression that has been denounced by the five Good Government Juntas.


To observe and report the counterinsurgency measures operated by the three levels
of the bad government against the Zapatista support base communities.

To investigate and disseminate the advances in the construction of Another Possible World : Zapatista Autonomy.

To break the information blockade.

To support the Zapatista resistance and autonomy.

To express our solidarity and companionship to the BAZ and the EZLN.

To Register this caravan as part of the Campaign “Thousands of Rages, one Heart: the Zapatista Communities Live!”


For information and coordination contact:
04455 5435 3824


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