Statement from the Autonomous Women of the Chiapan Coast

The Center for Women’s Rights in Chiapas (CDMCH), at the request from the Autonomous Compañeras of the Coast, disseminate the   following statement:

Statement from the Autonomous Women of the Chiapan Coast, Autonomous regional council of the Costal zone of Chiapas, Adherents to the Other Campaign

To public opinion
To the national and international press

To the national and international civil society
To human rights organizations
To the alternative media
To adherents of the Other Campaign

Through this message, we, the women of the Autonomous Council of the Coast, want to make public from our engaged and simple word, our  denouncements and demands to the government and our will to continue struggling for it to respect us.

First: We tell the government that we do not want their compassion, but rather their respect. We do not want them to impose their politics nor their ways of life, we want to decide for ourselves, that they listen to our petitions and that they respect the decisions we take autonomously.

Second: We demand that the government does not intimidate us, nor send its armies, which maltreat us when we pacifically protest for our rights. We are free to express our demands and to demand respect toward our decisions and initiatives. We have the right to defend ourselves, we do it and will continue to do it pacifically.

Third: We demand the government establish just prices for basic food products such as corn, beans, rice, oil, and sugar. We women are those  that suffer the most with the rise in prices. Those products are the base of our diet, and those abusive prices that the government tolerates and permits, threaten our right to a basic diet and for us and our families to have a life of dignity.
Fourth: Similarly, we demand that they drop and regulate immediately the price of the tortilla as a basic and necessary product of our diet. The abusive prices of the tortilla, validated by the government, worsens and makes precarious the quality of life, especially for women, threatening ours and our children’s rights.
Fifth: We demand that they establish a just tariff for electricity, we have the right to have it. As women, we want them to listen to the demands of the different collectives and for them to know that they threaten against our rights to live with dignity, in a home and whole community that would allow for the development of our children.
Sixth: That they stop the violence and the coercion against those of us that form part of the Autonomous council of the Coast, that we only struggle for our rights to live, to decide and to be heard and respected.

Seventh: That they cease the violence and the apprehension orders against all *luchadores sociales*, especially against Nathaniel Hernández  Núñez, member
of the Committee of Dignified Human Rights Ochoa, and also to take steps toward just prices for the tortilla and electricity. Also we demand punishment to the aggressors, and for them to move to respect our fundamental rights to defend ourselves and to protest.

We confirm that we are going to continue struggling until they regulate the prices of basic services and products, that are needed to survive. It is so that they respect our decisions, and they listen to our demands, and for them to stop imposing on us, measures that threaten our right to live with dignity.
Autonomous Women of the Chiapan Coast

For the construction of new cultures of rights from gender equality, class and ethnicity


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