50 Triqui families in San Juan Copala Given Ultimatum by Paramilitary Groups- leave immediately or we will massacre you

The autonomous Triqui municipality of San Juan Copala, which has been facing a long series of massacres, murders, kidnappings and harrassment by the paramilitary groups MULT and UBISORT have recieved yet another threat, La Jornada reports  that 50 families were given the ultimatum to abandon the region immediately or they will be massacred. 500 armed paramilitary men surround the autonomous municipality.

There is no one to intervene. The state attorney of Oaxaca denies that violence exists in this zone.

What follows is a rough translation of the La Jornada article found here: http://www.jornada.unam.mx/2010/09/17/index.php?section=politica&article…

Members of the San Juan Copala autonomous municipality have called a red alert in response to the presence of 500 armed men of the paramilitary group Triqui Movement of Unification and Struggle (MULT) and Union for the Social Well-Being of the Triqui Region (UBISORT) (translators note- paramilitary groups in Mexico usually have incredibly deceitful names in order to create confusion and prevent sympathizers from joining the right group) that maintain their surrounding of the community and have demanded of 50 Triqui families in the area to abandon the region immediately.

Jorge Albino Ortiz, speaker of the autonomous municipality, has said that the families have practically been kidnapped. These families cannot go to their windows because they are then shot at. Yesterday afternoon, they injured 85 year old Macaria Merino Martínez.

The majority of the armed men, of the community Rastrojo y de la Sabana, became more daring because they have maintained their occupation of San Juan Copala’s municipal palace (town hall) and on tuesday they gave the ultimatum: if they don’t leave we are going to massacre them.

In less than one year, the families have abandoned, in an ant’s procession, their houses and scant posessions in view of the growing violence that Luz Candelaria Chiñas, state Justice attorney of the Oaxacan government denies. She knows that two women have been injured: 35 year old María Rosa Francisco, and 55 year old María Rosa
López, but they have not recieved medical attention because, according to the state attorney, there are no armed groups or aggressors in San Juan Copala.

For sure, she recieved the information from Rosendo Juárez, leader of Ubisort.

The speaker of San Juan Copala lamented that in the face of the violence, which is prevailing due to the indolence of the government of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, no one is intervening.

“We have gone to the International Red Cross, the United Nations commissioner of Human Rights, and in the Chamber of Deputies they created a special committee to attend to the case of San Juan Copala, but no one intervenes; because of this triqui women hold down sit-ins in the Oaxaca and Mexico City centers.”

He added that “associations of human rights defenders have tried to form a committee of intervention to bring peace to the zone, and that we have asked to reduce the number of denouncements against MULT in order to try and initiate dialogue, but how are we going do this if our comrades are shot and it has been proven that amidst the aggressors are members of Ubisort? For this we repeat that there is an aliance between MULT and Ubisort against San Juan Copala.”

He commented over telephone that yesterday, the armed group fired at two women who were leaving in search of water and nixtamal (used to make masa).

He asks of the many human rights organizations to stand in solidarity with the autonomous municipality of San Juan Copala. “The North of the Isthmus Zone of United Indigenous Communities (Ucizone), the Mexican Alliance for the Self-Determination of Communities (AMAP) and the Zapatista Indigenous Agrarian Movement (MAIZ) have united in the call for solidarity with San Juan Copala, we cannot stay in silence in face of the terrible situation and the grave danger in which 50 families live. It is time to make the effort halt the barbary and demand punishment of the assasins and rapists of the dozens of triqui women, of those who took the lives of indigenous communicators Felicitas Martínez and Teresa Bautista; of Bety Cariño
and Jyri Jaakkola, defenders of human rights.”

In a brief statement, they asked triqui organizations, particularly MULT, to demonstrate the will to establish peace in the Oaxacan  Mixteca region.

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