Triqui denounce the murder of another resident of San Juan Copala who tried to break the siege

Oaxaca, Oax., September 18. Another supporter of the Movement of Independent Triqui Unification and Struggle (MULTI) was gunned down by suspected paramilitaries of the Union of Social Welfare Triqui Region (UBISORT) and the Movement of Triqui Unification and Struggle (MULT), when trying to leave the autonomous town of San Juan Copala.

The body of David Garcia Ramirez, 26 years old, lay in the churchyard, said Jorge Albino Ortiz, human rights coordinator of the independent authority.

Jorge Albino has asked the intervention of the Ministry of the Interior and the Army to avoid a massacre, as opposition groups are seeking that members of the MULTI “leave the town and move to live in the zocalo of Oaxaca or Mexico City. This is what we are analysing now”.

David Garcia was killed while he was looking to break the siege: “He left the presidency council’s with the intention of breaking the siege, but was surprised at the esplanade of the temple and died right there.”

Jorge Albino Ortiz blamed the MULT and UBISORT of the death of David Garcia and assaults against Maria Rosa Francisco, 35 years old, Maria Rosa 49 and Margarita López Martínez Merino Macaria 85, who were rescued from the municipality by the state police and taken to the Rural Hospital of the Mexican Social Security Institute of Santiago Juxtlahuaca.

The state’s general attorney, Maria de la Luz Candelaria China, reported that the three women are out of danger and that elements of the state corporation has commenced investigations into the death of David Garcia, whose body will be sought to rescue to take him to the municipality of Santiago Juxtlahuaca.

Joaquín Rodríguez Palacios, General Assistant Secretary of the Government, announced that elements of the State Preventive Police and the State Research Agency prepare an operation to enter San Juan Copala, in order to “restore order” and stop the gunmen and “return tranquility and peace” to the population.

“It is not possible that the government is only a spectator watching people being killed,” he said.


Palacios Rodriguez said police did not enter this Triqi population at the request of the organizations themselves, UBISORT, MULT and MULTI.

Heriberto Pazos Ortiz, chairman of the Political Council of the MULT Community, said the state administration’s decision to send police to San Juan Copala is “totally wrong” and will become “an act of repression, and not a governance action”.

The leader explained that MULT will not remain silent or allow aggression to the Triqui nation, because “the state or institutional violence always cause damage”.

“The government will make a mistake with the use of force, they should have political operatives who know and understand the problem to build the road to peace,” he added.

He denied that MULT have an agreement with the UBISORT to attack MULTI supporters settled in the municipality of San Juan Copala. “We will never be on the side of the PRI because our struggle has always been against the PRI-government,” he said.

Rufino Hernandez Juarez, leader of the UBISORT, also opposed the incursion of the police because “agreement is first needed” to avoid “a bloodbath.” However, he denied that his organization is paramilitary and is responsible for the murder and the recent new attack on three women in San Juan Copala.

Call for peace

Bishop Emeritus of Tehuantepec, Arturo Lona Reyes, and the coordinator of the Diocesan Commission for Justice and Peace of the Archdiocese of Antequera-Oaxaca, Romualdo Mayrén Wilfrido Francisco, called the MULT and MULTI to “begin a new phase in their history” and immediately rule in favor of a plan of goodwill, fostering a process of peaceful settlement of their differences.

They called on both organizations to appoint five representatives and attend the first meeting next Monday in the living room of the parish pastoral of Santo Tomás Xochimilco, in this city.

The commitment is to promote and advance progressively on a determined and total stop in the confrontation of all Triqui communities and prevent further violence between “brothers”.


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