Response to Call for Peace in the Region Triqui

by autonomiaencopala (google translation)

MONS.  Arturo Lona Reyes

Bishop Emeritus of Tehuantepec



In the midst of great pain to see how once again our people Triqui is immersed in the ways of hatred and resentment that so much blood spilled on our soil brothers, as interest received the call to dialogue that you make us.

The Unification Movement Anti Triqui Independiente (MULTI) as an organization that promoted and defended the building of the Municipality of San Juan Copala always been and will remain willing to dialogue to build bridges that bring us peace today more than ever we need .

As a political project plan to rescue our ancestral ways of governing and living, is the respect for differences of thought our priority within and outside our organization, respect it deserves our ears but we also deserve a reflection on the conditions currently living in San Juan Copala.

For more than two years we have been building and walking with civil society organizations, a peace initiative in which long-term project, including civil society in our region, leaders of communities and solidarity groups Triqui who care about the the people living Triqui, but by conditions of violence, mistrust and lack of enforcement of some agreements made, had to temporarily suspend this process.

This call today invites us to make us think about some of these obstacles and conditions that prevented us from moving forward the process and now is again in its most severe form allowing the crisis of violence and destruction unleashed against our brothers and sisters San Juan Copala in recent weeks.

So thank you for your invitation, accept it, but they express some things that seem essential in order to sit at a table like the one you are proposing:

1.  There is an urgent cessation of violence and aggression against the community of San Juan Copala.

2.  It is urgent to the live presentation of our colleagues who have disappeared: David Garcia Ramirez and Susana López Martinez

3.  It is urgent to ensure the life and integrity of all families living in San Juan Copala.

4. It is urgent to allow access to human rights organizations and civil society to verify the conditions of living in the community.

You as a people committed to the causes of the poor, know to perform the actions and steps necessary to make these points come true for us to move forward on this action and so have the conditions necessary for building of the labor and other civic organizations people interested in our problem a lasting peace process for our people.

We appreciate your initiative and we appreciate the support and actions that can be done to build the conditions necessary to establish a dialogue between them and between our communities in the short term.



You can subscribe to regular emails from this site, but not all the information about San Juan Copala in the last week has come from this source.


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