Chiapas Solidarity @ Anarchist Bookfair, London, Sat. Oct. 23rd.

Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS.

More info:

Merchandise and Info. stall

Workshop in Room 324 in the Engineering Building 3-3.50pm:

¡A Thousand Rages, One Heart: The Zapatista Communities Live!

The last 18 months has seen a new phase in paramilitary attacks against Zapatista communities. This presentation highlights the direct links between attempted land grabs by paramilitaries of land recuperated by the Zapatistas in 1994 and the land needed for corporate tourist developments and other commercial interests in Chiapas. The attacks form part of a wider Mexican State strategy of repression. However the attacks have been met with inspiring acts of resistance as progress continues with the Zapatista autonomous health and education systems. Find out more at the meeting about the Thousand Rages international day of action on November 17th, the 27th anniversary of the founding of the EZLN.

Organised by the UK Zapatista Solidarity Network:


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