Hector Bautista released amid a flurry of expressions of outrage at his arrest

Saturday December 18, 2010
In an environment where government repression is growing towards those who make complaints, Hector Bautista was arrested on November 3 on charges of child pornography through a supposedly anonymous source .

On Dec. 12 Hector was released from Amato prison, followed by the withdrawal of the prosecution by the Attorney General of the state, amid a shower of repudiating the unjust detention.

Journalists, NGOs, human rights groups and alternative media considered the arrest of Hector as an attack on freedom of expression, and suggest that this action of the government of Chiapas is part of a campaign of intimidation and repression against those who express themselves critically .

Hector participated in the blog “Report Chiapas”, an alternative news report managed by Anthony Flores Merida, where on 30 September it published the text: “Public debt of Chiapas, the highest in 16 years” , which provoked the government to arrest Hector.




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