The Other Mexico on Film – A series of short films about the Other Campaign in North Western Mexico, Tues. 22nd Feb. 7pm ACE.

A series of short films about the Other Campaign in North Western Mexico
Part I
Tuesday 22nd February
The Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh
17 West Montgomery Place

Tiburón Island, our heart (20 min.)
The Sonora Desert, northwestern Mexico, is inhabited by the Seri indigenous people, now numbering only 900 members. While the Mexican State seeks to convert their land into a tourist center, the Seri people intends to save their collective heart: Tiburón Island.

The Yaqui Assembly (20 min.)
On October 24th 2006, Subcomandante Marcos visits the traditional elderly authorities of the Yaqui indigenous people at Vicam Village, Sonora, northwestern Mexico.

Toxic waste in Pápago Territory (17 min.)
Sonora, northwestern Mexico. In the land of the Pápago indigenous people, the mexican government has approved the construction of a toxic waste dump. The inhabitants of Quitovac want to change this death sentence.

The Path of the Mayos (30 min.)
Sonora, northwestern Mexico. From working their own land, the indigenous Mayo became the employees of new landowners. Many members of the Mayo tribe realize the need for radical change.

The films act as a prelude to the screening of Viva Mexico, a feature length film about the Other Campaign, with the director Nicolas Défossé in Edinburgh and Glasgow in May.

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