Mexico Days of Action Begin

14 February 2011 ICEM InBrief

Actions around the world have begun, marking the Global Days of Action for trade union rights in Mexico, 14-19 February. Support the campaign now by writing to the Mexican government through the LabourStart campaign.

Today, an international trade union delegation met with the Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, Mr. Gomez Camacho, to deliver the demands of the global campaign. Some 60 labour activists turned out.

Manfred Warda, ICEM General Secretary, Fernando Lopes, Assistant General Secretary of the International Metalworkers’ Federation (IMF), and Adriana Rosenzvaig, SCORE Director at UNI, met inside with the Ambassador while a demonstration continued outside the Mission.

Warda said the one-hour-and-twenty-minute meeting proved that Camacho had been briefed on the manifestation’s purpose. “The only issue he was not familiar with is protection contracts in Mexico,” said Warda. “We had to explain how these contracts infringe on genuine trade union rights.”

A 50,000 strong march in Mexico City on 31 January saw trade unionists protest shoulder to shoulder against the repressive policies of the Calderón regime. The National Union of Miners marched with the Electricians Union, Pilots’, Teachers’, and farmers’ organisations, calling for social, political, and economic change.

The Calderón government must heed the warnings of this global movement, and end abuses of trade union rights in Mexico.

Rallies and meetings with Mexican Ambassadors will be conducted simultaneously in over 30 countries this week, in a coordinated effort by unions affiliated to the ICEM, IMF, UNI, the International Transport Workers’ Federation, and the ITUC.

Where demonstrations are not possible, unions are sending written protests and demands to the Mexican government from around the world. Follow reports of these global actions on the ICEM website over the coming days.

This ICEM release is also available on the ICEM Web-site (

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