The Other Campaign under attack

The government of Chiapas is now on the offensive

From Radiozapote and Kaos en la Red, 23 February 2011

Powerful groups opposed to the EZLN in Chiapas – the government of Juan Sabines, paramilitary organizations, the everlasting PRI and the local caciques – have abandoned any form of cover-up for their attacks and acts of harassment against Zapatista organizations and adherents to the Other Campaign in the state. The repression seen against the Regional Autonomous Council of the Coast during yesterday’s demonstrations is an indication of what is to come, the Other Campaign is once again faced with aggression, repression and crackdown.
The unjustified arrests and legal proceedings against the communities of Bachajon and Mitziton, the disappearance of the activist Gerardo González Miranda, the taking over of the ticket booth at the Agua Azul waterfalls by the federal police, the attacks by the ‘Army of God’ in Mitziton and the persistent media silence are very clear signs that the government of Chiapas is now on the offensive.

The number of prisoners from the Other Campaign is increasing at an alarming rate with the violent use of public force to arrest, without further proceedings, members of organizations belonging to the Other Campaign. During the actions on Tuesday February 22 over 50 men, women and children had been arrested and legal proceedings were started against 27 people; 110 campesinos were arrested in Bachajon and charges were brought against 10 without incriminating evidence, through the use of public force.
At this time they seem to be ignoring the growing demonstarations of support and solidarity in Mexico and Europe, or at least these expressions of support have not yet been a factor in stopping the wave of repression, while the networks, lists and organisations of adherents to the Other Campaign are organising under the slogan that emerged from the repression in Atenco in 2006: “if they go for one of us, they go for all of us”.

Notes: Of the 27 people charged on 22 February, 3 lawyers remain under arrest. ‘Public force’ should be read as ‘state force’.

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