Three Activists Freed

The three lawyers from the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Centre in the coastal zone were freed from prison at 10.00 last night.
They had been charged with the crime of riot (motin), after being arrested on the 22nd of February while acting as human rights observers during a roadblock asking for the freedom of the 10 imprisoned members of the Other Campaign from San Sebastian Bachajon.

Elio Henríquez
La Jornada
Thursday March 3, 2011

San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas.
State prosecutors released the director of the Digna Ochoa Human Rights Centre, Nathaniel Hernandez, and two other lawyers, José María Martínez and Eduardo Alonso Martínez. The chairman of the centre, Bersaín Hernández, reported that an order was issued to release the three lawyers, accused of the crime of riot, at 10 pm on Wednesday, after he spoke with the Secretary of Government, Noe Castanon, at the end of a march held in Tuxtla Gutierrez to demand the release of the activists, arrested on 22nd February during a roadblock to seek the release of 10 adherents to the Other Campaign {from San Sebastian Bachajon} .


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