News regarding Bachajon

08.04.2011 19:37
From New York: Alert! News regarding Bachajon

Compañeras and compañeros:

We write to share with you an important update concerning the situation of our 
compañer@s from San Sebastian Bachajon:  Today, our sisters and brothers have 
yet again taken control of the toll booth that marks the entrance to the Agua 
Azul waterfall. In two communiqués released today, the voice of the people of 
Bachajon reminds us, once more, that their lands and natural resources are 
“an ancestral inheritance” and that “they do not have a price.” In the face 
of possible revenge on behalf of the government, the companer@s remain 
steadfast. They are willing to defend their land and build a just autonomy 
for everyone “at any cost necessary.” As such, we are sending you this 
message so that we can all remain alert and vigilant for whatever may occur.

We will continue to send updates as soon as we receive them. Please spread 
the word.

That is all for now, compas.


From El Barrio, NYC:

The Other Campaign New York
Movement for Justice in El Barrio

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