Don’t Frame Ediño

This case is symbolic of the huge humanitarian disaster of migration. Ten thousand migrants have been kidnapped in the last six months. Either their families pay up, or they are murdered. The three levels of the Mexican government are complicit in this, and the local police are involved – the train is stopped by the migration police, and then the Zetas (drug cartel) come. One important issue is that of visas for migrants. Human trafficking represents human beings, especially women, as merchandise, just another commodity or resource. Because of its geographical location, Chiapas is a centre for human trafficking. There is a forthcoming event there to denounce human trafficking. It is the essence of the Sexta to organise ourselves with all those from below and to the left who struggle.

Ediño Martinez Caballero is a 25 year old Honduran who has been living in Los Angeles for the last 7 years.

While returning to the United States in April 2010 he was attacked and wounded while travelling with other migrants on a goods train in southern Mexico. Instead of investigating the attack against him, the local police forced him to put his fingerprints on a document that they brought with them which he was not allowed to read.

The document turned out to be a confession to the crimes of murder, kidnapping, and belonging to the Zetas. Edino is currently awaiting trial in Pichucalco Prison in the state of Chiapas. If convicted, he faces 10 to 15 years in prison.

Two other Hondurans are accused of committing the same crimes.

Ediño and his family have very few resources to fight his case and no help from any other organisation. Mexico’s justice system is notorious for its corruption and for convicting innocent people (see posts).

This website is part of a campaign to publicise Edino’s case and to ask people to write to the Mexican authorities to ensure the supposed evidence against him is rigorously assessed that that he has a fair trial. Please write, using the information on this site and/or the model letters provided.

We are focusing on Ediño’s case (rather than the other three accused) because we have more information about it, and because if the accusations against him are dismissed the case against the others will be much weaker.


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