san sebastian bachajon ejido, adherents to the other campaign of the sixth declaration of the lacandon jungle, chiapas, mexico.

april 24, 2011.

to the national and international human rights

to the civil society in mexico and the world

to the national and international other campaign
to movement for justice in el barrio of the other campaign of new york and their allies around the world

to the autonomous municipalities

to the organizations in defense of our mother earth in atenco

compañeros and compañeras.

to movement for justice in el barrio of new york, once more we wish to thank you for this enormous solidarity. we, men and women of san sebastian bachajon, adherents to the other campaign, want to thank you for all of this great support that you are providing us and at the same time align ourselves in solidarity with this noble cause for the liberation of our political prisoners, since the government has revealed another face of violence and repression against our compañeros by militarizing the area and intimidating the society with the presence of the army and navy, as if it were a war zone, all of this is due to the interest in our natural resources and the great wealth that our ejido has. thanks to the patronage of felipe calderon inojosa and of the corrupt government of juan sabines guerrero and his ambitious allies, such as francisco guzman jimenez, also know as goyito; manuel jimenez moreno; juan alvaro moreno; miguel ruiz hernandez, ex member of the other campaign, as chief negotiators of the transational project – supported by the secretary of the government noe castañon leon and authoridities of the chilon town council. manipulating society via the projects of “procampo” (Program of Direct Support for Rural Areas), among others, that if one does not support the government’s project, then one is denied assistance. what a shame that their ambition has turned them ignorant and into cowards who do not defend their lands, which are an inheritance from our ancestors. even so, the government created a web page to be able to organize political party groups and groups such as OPDIC (“Organization for the Defense of Indigenous and Campesino Rights”), CENPI (WHAT IS THIS?), ORCAO (Regional Organization of Coffee-Growers of Ocosingo), Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), and the colosio foundation, who tries to pass itself of as the “other civil [society]”, when their true identity is that of secret paramilitaries created by this bad corrupt government in order to manipulate the truth and try to end our [struggles] of dignified men and women defending these lands that our ancestors left for us. because of all this, 5 compas are imprisoned and kidnapped by the bad, corrupt, traitor government. may the government never confuse us with its lackeys and ambitious collaborators, and may mr. fancisco question his actions by asking himself the question: “who is the true murderer” and to which he will receive the response “Me?” since the media are controlled by the government, it would be “inconvenient” for the government if they reported on the true situation – that the indigenous people have defended their lands and that the government is holding hostage 5 of our compañeros, who are currently in the prison no. 17 at playas Catazaja, chiapas. due to the greed of a certain many lackeys, their family members are suffering, and in the eyes of the government, this is just. you all must know that the law of mexico is the vilest and dirtiest one around. it does not stop to consider that it is wasting so much money on senators and contendors to PROVE this great injustice, the “otra civil” is simply a ladder for the government to use towards its transational projects and in this way continue to maintain its political and economic power to destroy our organization. moreover, it fills us with rage to know that being indigenous peoples we are not able to see the true intentions of the bad government and that if mr. francisco guzman did not have any interest in this conflict, he would have from the beginning accepted it without scoffing at jesuITs or THE religious DEVOTED and would have had a bit of CRITERIA in his speech. knowing that these are sacred things, if i were in his place, i would not have done it. it is not about someone who defends you, but rather someone who gave their life for you. for this reason, compañeros and compañeras from movement for justice in el barrio in new york, and our allies from around the world, we thank you from the bottom of our heart for this great solidarity, for having taken on our suffering and the mexican government’s repression. consequently, we, men, women, children, and elders, will once again ask you, respectfully, to continue organizing solidarity actions to demand the liberation of our compañeros. once they are release, we will immediately inform you via letter. we hope that this message is circulated and will be on guard during this action.

in light of all this:

we demand the following:

_ The immediate and unconditional release of our compañeros, political prisoners.

_ respect for our rights as indigenous peoples and for our right to exercise our self-determination as a people.

_We demand the immediate withdrawal of the police and military forces from agua azul, as they are in our territory.

_We vehemently reject the bad government’s interests of neoliberal projects and privitazation.

_We demand respect for our human rights and we reject the aGGRESSIONS and intimidation that the bad government is exercising against our compañeros adherents to the other campaign

attententively,  land and freedom


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